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The Sermon is a Big Deal

Pastor, ours is a difficult job. We’re supposed to lead, be present in the big moments of life, manage the church, cast vision, and maybe even clean toilets. In the middle of it all, we’re supposed to put together a sermon that will encourage and challenge. It has to be deep (but not too deep), profound (but not aloof), funny (but not disrespectful). Oh, and you’ve gotta do it again in 6 days. Difficult? How about impossible!

The sermon is the venue for a unifying pastoral voice to shepherd the congregation. It sets the tone and culture of a church. It might be the only source of hope and Truth in a disheartened and confused world. Yet… preparing the message often gets the least of our attention. With limited time and energy, how can we grow as communicators?

You need someone to coach your preaching and help develop your voice. I can help.

I too have been serving the church for years, cranking out a weekly sermon and doing my best to keep up with everything, but I’ve also spent countless hours in the college classroom, teaching courses in public speaking, and business communication, as well as nonprofit management, and leadership. I’ve also had the privilege to speak at dozens of, conferences, camps, and universities and, over the past few years, started helping pastors and leaders in their public speaking.

I love pastors, I love the local church, and I love the art of preaching. I’m a lifelong student of communication, and I want to help. That’s why I started Coach My Preaching.

How Coach My Preaching Works:

The essentials of communication are universal — no matter the context, human beings tend to communicate in the same basic ways. However, every church is unique, and every pastor has a unique voice. My coaching approach is to help make sure the essentials are in place. After that, it’s all about working together to keep discovering your voice in your context. I believe God designed you to communicate in the place He’s got you. It’s my joy to come alongside and help you develop. My goal is to help you to communicate well and, ultimately, to connect. For more on my coaching philosophy, click here.

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