My Work

Our Process



You and I will connect and talk through what you hope to achieve as a communicator.



I’ll watch one of your sermons and take an unbelievable amount of notes!



We’ll work together to develop skills and set goals for your preaching and teaching.



With your hopes, skillset, and goals in mind, we’ll work together to grow your voice.

Why do I do this? Years ago, I was blessed to have a professional conference speaker in our congregation. Knowing that he spoke to thousands of people each week. I took him to lunch and asked him to give me feedback on my preaching technique. The floodgates opened. With expertise and compassion, he pointed out a number of things I was doing that were a huge distraction. I had no idea! A few more lunches, some hard truth and gracious encouragements later, I was humbled… and I grew. I want to be that person for you.

“I have been a local pastor in the United Methodist church for nearly 8 years. While I have learned and accomplished much in a short period of time, preaching has always been a struggle for me. Adam’s insight and expertise has given me greater confidence in my style, delivery, and the process of building and effective sermon. He has a way of challenging me to think more about what I am saying. I highly recommend Coach My Preaching.”

— Pastor Brian Johnson

“My new job in leadership threw me a curveball: speaking on Sundays–on the fly, with last minute notices. I was doing a terrible job. Luckily, I found Coach My Preaching. Within a few sessions I had a game-plan, basic communication skill tips and the confidence to take control. Decades of experience synthesized into bite-size tips took me from failing to knocking it out of the park!”

— Jennifer Cramer

Let’s work together.

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