Envision a better future

Every organization — business, government, nonprofit and churches have an organizational culture. All of them need to change, and hopefully for the better.


Management guru Peter Drucker famously said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Culture is the feel, the vibe, the unspoken way we do things around the church. This is why well-crafted mission statements and full colored posters with values won’t change your culture. It takes a lot more than catch phrases and a sermon series.

Changing Culture

Changing culture is a necessary part of leadership. Yet, changing the way things is challenging (and sometimes seems impossible). Like a complex surgery, the methods of healing are as unique as your particular organizational culture.

Our process

Organizational change requires a wide array of skill: observation, definition, hope, honesty, humility, wisdom, and people skill. At the same time, leading change can be lonely. I can help you in transforming your culture by walking with you through each step, helping you envision what things could look like in the future, and implement these steps in a healthy way.
The next step is yours to take. Reach out! Let’s talk!

R Adam Davidson

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