Preaching Without Notes

It can be done, but it’ll take some risk. Have you noticed how speakers who don’t use notes seem smoother, more vibrant, more connected with the room? There’s good reason for that. Eye contact is critically important for people. We make a lot of judgement calls based on non-verbals, especially body language, and very especiallyContinue reading “Preaching Without Notes”

Is it ok to use my iPad for my speaking notes?

Handheld screens are everywhere now, including in the hands or on the podiums of a presenter. It’s available, it’s convenient — but is it effective? I’ll cut right to the chase: I don’t think it’s a good idea to speak from your digital device. Here’s why: It will fail Battery charged, wi-fi’ed, saved on theContinue reading “Is it ok to use my iPad for my speaking notes?”